Sorry to inform you that Impact Bible School no longer offers full day teachings.

However, if you are interested in attending a Bible School, then the new Transformation Bible School concept might have your interest.

The TBS course is different from other normal Bible Schools since the teachers come to the local church and offer a sound theological teaching, which can bless the whole church instead of just a couple of people. It also has the p0tential to lift the local church to a new level, and it equips and educates the congregation.

Many people desire to know more about God, his word and they wish to be equipped to fulfil there call in life. Sadly, many of these people have never had the opportunity to pursue this desire since it for most people is very difficult to put their life on hold in order to dive into God’s word, but now they will have that opportunity because of this new TBS concept.

At the present time TBS offers teachings in Wales, England, Denmark, The Faroe Islands. We also are in the planning of starting TBS teachings in Poland, Norway and other local regions and countries.

If you are interested in participating in the TBS course, then send us an e-mail at info@bibleschool.dk.

All blessings

The Transformation Team


For More Information:
Email: info@bibleschool.dk