1. Contemporary Issues

Understanding modern culture
Researching local culture
People and Social Issues

2. The Leader

Biblical Concepts of Leadership
General Principles of leadership
Biblical Concept of Ministry
Generation Philosophy
Developing a Personal mission statement
Character and Qualities/development
Spiritual Fathering
The Prophetic Leader
Team Leadership
Identifying leadership Styles

3. Effective Communication

Process of Communication
Communication Skills
Creative communication
Prophetic communication
Use of the Media
Differing Styles of Communication

4. Preaching & Teaching

The Hunger for Truth
Sermon Styles
Use of Body language in Preachin
Preaching Technique
Collection and use of illustrations
Radical and relevant preaching/teaching
Laws of Teaching
Laws of Learning
Developing a teaching program
Developing your resource base
Bible study and preparation
Use of the prophetic in preaching

5. Discipleship

Why Disciple?
Biblical basis of Discipleship
Discipling people
Discipling Young people
Know your philosophy
Developing Discipleship programs
Recognising and releasing gifting
Leadership discipleship
Mentoring and being mentored
Ministering to Young People

6. Management Skills

Time management
Biblical concept of management/stewardship
Fundraising and budgeting
Goal setting
Administration Skills
Personal Responsibility
Managing Others

7. Shepherding and Counselling

The Shepherd’s heart
Basic Principles of Counselling
Dealing with Difficult People
Care programs
Specific Problems
Motivating the unmotivated

8. Personal Growth

Personal leadership
Balance of Ministry and Priorities
Keeping Motivated
Development of Godly Character
Hurt, Bitterness and Unforgiveness
Leaders are Readers
Developing personal prayer and bible study
Living in the anointing
Maintaining a servant attitude
Having a Spirit of Excellence
Ongoing educational programs
Personal finance
Hearing the voice of God
Seizing your Destiny
Personal Holiness

9. Evangelising A Generation

Research of target group
Philosophy of Evangelism
Prophetic Evangelism
Different styles of Evangelism
Communication the Gospel
Program planning
Event Evangelism Follow-up
Motivating others for Evangelism
Creative Evangelism (use of Drama, film, music etc.)
Short Term Missions
Spiritual Warfare

10. Meeting Dynamics

Leading meetings
Operating in the Anointing
Prophetic appeal
Importance of Praise and Worship
Preparation and content
Running a Camp
Various meeting models
Altar call Dynamics

11. Schools Evangelism

Schools philosophy
Contacting Schools
The art of a Good Lesson presentation
Developing school “skills”
The art of a good Assembly presentation
Lunch time activities
Feeding Schools into Church
Writing new material

12. Relating to the Church

Communicating your vision to church Leadership
Relationship with Pastor/Elders
Integrating people in to the life of the Church
Principles of church growth
Cell Groups
Submission the key to authority
Church History
Biblical Church structure

13. Theology

Fall of Man
Justification by Faith
Baptism in Water
Baptism of the Holy Spirit
Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Heaven & Hell
Angels, Satan & Demons
Second coming of Christ
Old Testament Survey
New Creations

14. Revival

Preparing for Revival
Ministering in Revival
Revival History
Revival Generals
The power of hunger worship
Power evangelism
School of the Prophets
Using the Gifts with Power
The power of declaration
Releasing and ministering in the Glory
Discerning the Spirits against the move of God
Prayer that moves God’s heart

15. School of Prophets

Prophecy Theory
Ministry of the Prophet OT
Ministry of the Prophet NT
Historical Spiritual Mapping
Present Day Spiritual Mapping
The Anointing
Understanding and Interpreting the times
Code of Conduct for Prophecy
Practical Prophesy and Activation
Five Fold Ministry Gifts