Day school – Curriculum

1. Personal growth

Siezing your Destiny
Hearing the voice of God I, II, III, IV
Dealing With Sin
Developing personal Prayer and Bible study
Servant Hood
Servant, Friend, Son, Bride
Developing Godly Character
Spirit of Excellence
Walking in Darkness
7 Laws of Growth
Hurt Bitterness Unforgiveness
The Whole Man
Submission- Key to authority
Living in the anointing

2. Theology

Why Theology
The Bible
Christology: Virgin Birth
Christology: Miraculous ministry
Christology: Sinless Life
Christology: Atoning Death
Christology: Resurrection
Christology: The Second coming of Christ
Christology: Ascension
Theology: Heaven & Hell
Theology: Repentance & Faith
Theology: Justification by Faith
Theology: Praise & Worship
Theology: The Holy Spirit
Theology: Gifts of the Holy Spirit

3. Leadership

Women in leadership

4. Evangelism

Communicating the Gospel
Leading someone to Christ
Giving Your Testimony
Street Evangelism
Social Problems
Styles of Evangelism
Spiritual Warfare

5. Prayer life/Personal Growth

Learn How To Pray
Our Father
Your Name
Kingdom Come
Your Will Be Done
Daily Bread
Deliver us from Evil
Prayer that moves God’s Heart
Names of God
Temptation & Deliverance
Prayer advanced

6. Discipleship

Spiritual Parenting
Biblical basics of Discipleship
Discipleship List
Know your philosophy

7. Revival

Revival history
Revelation & Mystery
Recipe for Revival
Power Worship
The Glory of God
Power of God
Kingdom of God

8. Church

Church: History + structure
Integrating People into Church
7 Churches of Revelation

9. 5-Fold Ministry

5 Fold Ministries intro
• Apostle
• Prophet
• Evangelist
• Pastor
• Teacher
How to slay a dragon
• Leviathan
• Jezebel
• Delilah
• Absalon
• Pharisees

10. School of Prophets

OT Prophet
NT Prophet
How to Prophesy
5 Spiritual Senses
Types of Prophecies
Prophetic Activation
Prophet’s 10 Commandments
Prophetic Activation